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Many people love the look and style of wood garage doors. Our technicians install this type of door regularly for our customers. There are many great reasons to choose this style, but also there are a few reasons that might keep you from wanting to install wood.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a wood garage door.

The Pros of a Wood Garage Door

There are many reasons that our customers choose wood for their new garage doors. Here are some of the top benefits of this type of material:

  • Very strong- a garage door made from wood is able to be hit without denting like a steel door. It is very strong and can withstand some damage.
  • It’s a green option- a wood door is environmentally friendly. Some companies make their wood doors from recycled content.
  • Customizable- there are many options you can choose from when designing your wood door. You can go with a range of colors and panel designs.
  • Long lasting- this is a material that will last for years to come. Many of our customers like the durability of this type of garage door.

Overall, customers love the look of wood garage doors. It could make a great option for your home.

The Cons of Wood Garage Doors

If you are seriously looking at installing a wood garage door, there are some things to take note of. These may be deal breakers for you. The cons of this type of material include:

  • The cost- wood usually costs more than other materials like steel and vinyl. This is pretty much true anytime you are buying a higher quality product.
  • Maintenance- unfortunately, maintenance is a drawback for this type of door. It will need to be re-finished on occasion. Also, the bolts tend to come loose during regular operations.
  • Insulation problems- wood is not the best insulator, which is the case for other materials like steel. The problem is that it doesn’t have the ability to be insulated like other options.
  • Swelling and warping- like any wood door, this material is susceptible to swelling and warping when there is a lot of moisture in the air. This can cause a lot of problems with the functioning of the door. If you live in an area where there is often standing water near your house, a wooden door may not be the best option for you.

These are concerns that you’ll have to take into account when deciding if you want to choose this type of door.

We’ll Help You Make an Informed Decision

If you are interested in having a wood garage door installed in your home, we can help you. Call us today and let one of our technicians come out to handle the work for you. It is best to have a professional make the installation. A bad installation can cause damage to your garage door assembly.

We will send a technician out to look at your home and discuss with you the installation. They will answer all of your questions so you can feel confident about your buying decision. Call us today so we can take care of your installation.

Our company is able to work on any door, regardless of the type, make or model. We try to educate our valued customers on tips and techniques to maintain their doors. For example, wooden doors are quite beautiful but they need a little upkeep.

Wood Doors Require More Maintenance, but We Can Help

While wooden doors are popular and look great, they tend to need additional work. The effort will be worth it so don’t let it deter you from buying a home with a wooden door or installing a new one yourself. The goal should be to perform yearly maintenance on your door. Be sure consider these seven ways to maintain your wooden garage door.

  1. Check for Rot
    A wooden door’s number one issue is often rot. The longer areas of your door stay moist the more likely bacteria will grow and eat away at the wood.Check the following areas:

    •        The bottom of your door
    •        The door’s trim work

    Begin by pushing a screwdriver in and around those areas. If it goes through your door, then contact a professional so that repairs can be made.

  2. Pest Control
    Keep a look out for pests.   You want to have control over pests because termites, boring beetles and even slugs can damage your door. At the first sign of these types of insects, you should call a pest control company got service.  This will help protect your door from any future damage.
  3. Get Rid of Old, Peeling Paint
    Wooden door finishes are quite diverse. The better the quality, the less chipping and peeling your door will have; however, eventually all doors will have this problem.If your door has paint on it, then be sure to use a paint scraper to get rid of the chipped paint. Smooth out any uneven spots and fill holes with putty to give a more finished look.
  4. Fresh Coat of Finish
    Wooden doors need a new coat of finish in order to stay looking their best. Whether your door is painted, polyurethaned or water sealed, it will need some upkeep. After you make any necessary repairs, then apply a fresh coat of finish to your door and let it dry.
  5. Inspect Your Hardware
    After you refinish your door, open it up and listen for any unusual sounds. If you hear scratching and squawking noises then you need to look into what is causing the issue. Our company would be happy to help if you decide you need a professional. Also, be sure to tighten the screws, check your rollers and even lubricate your springs if it’s time a gain.
  6. Check Your Seals
    Don’t forget to examine your seals. Shut your garage door and take a look to see if you have light coming in close to the seals. If you see anything, then your seals are worn out and need replacing. If the bottom of your door is missing a weather strip, then you’ll want to have that added. Your garage door is one of the most noticeable parts of your home. If you will keep your wooden door in great condition, then your house will have a more attractive look. Neighborhood Garage Door Services is available to help with any maintenance needs that may come up.  We can provide advice or come and do a repair. Either way, don’t hesitate to call us for help or with any questions.

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